The 2013 Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)

Date: June 15-16, 2013
Venue: Ikebukuro Campus, Rikkyo University
Access: Ikebukuro station, JR Yamanote line
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All Presentations except for those which have [E] after their titles will be presented in Japanese. [E] indicates that the presentation will be made in English. The original titles in Japanese were translated by the Conference Organizing Committee (COC) of JAAS.

Saturday, June 15
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:30)

Session 1 Chinese Economy
Chair and discussant: Kai KAJITANI (Kobe University)
Speaker 1: Yirui XU (Kaetsu University)
"A fundamental study on the divergence of regional economic power and financial power in China: Based on County-level data"
Speaker 2: Xinxin MA (Kyoto University)
"The evolution of wage policy and institutions and the change of wage structure during China's transition period"
Speaker 3: Qingji WU (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
"Measuring poverty in rural China: A dynamic analysis of transient and chronic poverty"
Discussants: Hisatoshi HOKEN (Institute of Developing Economies), Maho SHIRAISHI (The University of Kitakyushu)

Session 2 Modern and Contemporary Inner Mongolia
Chair and discussant: Masumi MATSUMOTO (Keiwa College)
Speaker 1: Huihui (Nasunmunku) (Tohoku University), Hitoshi YONEKURA (Tohoku University)
"Social change at Solon Evenki viewed from kinship relationship"
Speaker 2: Shubuuchin Cholmon (Toin University of Yokohama)
"The Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia: Focusing on Uranbagana, a scapegoat writer"
Speaker 3: Sarantuya (University of Tokyo)
"The thoughts and actions of the intelligentsia in modern Inner Mongolia: Focusing on Mengwen shushe"
Discussants: Jiro NAITO (Daito Bunka University), Miwa SHIMADA (Keio University)

Session 3 Asian Enterprises
Chair and discussant: Hidemi YOSHIOKA (Kumamoto University)
Speaker 1: Jun AKABANE (Yokohama City University)
"The mechanism of catching-up by latecomer firms"
Speaker 2: Yan ZHANG (Fukuoka Women's University)
"Real economy and the changes in stock price: A comparison of Japanese, Chinese, and American stock markets during the world financial crisis"
Speaker 3: Jumsoon LEE (University of Toyama)
"A study on the divergence of internal welfare between the enterprises of different size in Korea"
Discussants: Midori KIZAKI (Yokohama National University), Tao XU (Hokkai Gakuen University)

Session 4 Man Power and Employment in Asia
Chair and discussant: Fumiharu MIENO (Kyoto University)
Speaker 1: Norio TOKUMARU (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
"The upgrading of Indian IT industry and its management of knowledge and man power: An analysis based on interviews and questionnaires"
Speaker 2: Miki SUGIURA (Sophia University)
"The formation of hubs and regionalization in the collaboration among Asian higher education institutions"
Speaker 3: Zhenan MENG (Center for Industrial and Economic Research of Osaka) and Ryo OGAWA (Osaka City University)
"The effect of the expansion of overseas business on domestic employment: An empirical analysis based on small and medium-scaled manufacturing enterprises in Osaka"
Discussants: Hiroshi OTA (Hitotsubashi University), Hideki ESHO (Hosei University)

Panel 1 The Politics of a Harmonious Society
Chair: Yasuhiro TAKEDA (National Defense Academy of Japan)
Speaker 1: Tomoki KAMO (Keio University)
"The political function of representative institutions in contemporary China: agents, remonstrators, and representatives"
Speaker 2: Mari NAKAOKA (Tokiwa University)
"The adaptive ability of Chinese Communist Party viewed from the direct election of the delegates for the National People's Congress: Taking the case of the responses towards independent candidates as an example"
Speaker 3: Yasuyuki MIYAKE (Kwansei Gakuin University)
"The political process of institutional reform of local administration and budget during the Hu Jintao era"
Discussants: Satoru KAWAI (Poole Gakuin University), Zhe REN (Institute of Developing Economies)

Panel 2 Transcending Culture and Information and China's Transformation: Approaches from history and sociology
Chair and discussant: Toru KURATA (Rikkyo University)
Speaker 1: Chueng Yuk-man(Chinese University of Hong Kong)
"Japan's Tamed Nationalism in a Runaway world? Sino-Japan relations from a sociological constructivist approach"
Speaker 2: Masaki IENAGA (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
"National treasures and imported products and the construction of museums in China during late Qing and early Republican era"
Speaker 3: Dongyi ZHOU (University of Tokyo)
"An investigation on the relationship between 'dujing jiangjing' subjects and Japan in the school system during late Qing era"

Plenary Session (14:30-17:45)

The Symposium Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of JAAS
Part 1 Commemorating Speeches
Tatsumi OKABE (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"JAAS and me"
Toshio WATANABE (President, Takushuku University)
"The Structure of China's Economic Growth"

Part 2 Panel Discussion
"The meaning of borders in Asian studies"
Akira ISHII (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
Akira SUEHIRO (University of Tokyo)
Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)

unday, June 16
Morning sessions (10:00-12:30)

Session 5 South East Asian Economy
Chair and discussant: Kenta GOTO (Kansai University)
Speaker 1: Ryo IKEBE (Fukui Prefectural University)
"Sino-Vietnamese economic region: the international division of labor between southern China and Vietnam"
Speaker 2: Sithixay XAYAVONG (National University of Laos)
"Motivations and Satisfaction of Thai Tourists Who Visit Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR"
Speaker 3: Tetsuhiko TAKAI (Hokkaido University)
"Archives of colonial and post-colonial economy: the information and memories at the French colonial chambers of commerce"
Discussants: Nobuyuki MATSUO (Nagoya University of Commerce and Business), Mika TOYOTA (Rikkyo University)

Session 6 Asian International Politics
Chair and discussant: Rumi AOYAMA (Waseda University)
Speaker 1: Ichiro INOUE (Kwansei Gakuin University)
"The 'strategic rebalance' of the United States and China's response"
Speaker 2: Yoshiaki YANO (Japan University of Economics)
"Development of nuclear power by Pakistan and the spread of nuclear weapons through A.Q. Khan's network"
Speaker 3: Kyoji MURAKAMI (Aichi University)
"Agricultural aid by Taiwan and China towards Africa during the 1960s and 1970s"
Discussants: Yasuhiro MATSUDA (University of Tokyo), Osamu YOSHIDA (Hiroshima University)

Session 7 Industries and Enterprises of China and Taiwan
Chair and discussant: Jun AKABANE (Yokohama City University)
Speaker 1: Chikashi KISHIMOTO (The International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development)
"Taiwan's promotion for economic alliance with mainland China and industrial development strategy"
Speaker 2: Yukinori SAITO (St Andrew's University)
"Credit management in China: evidences from a Japanese-invested company"
Speaker 3: Hiroshi ITO (University of Tokyo)
"Reform and opening China's insurance industry: the strategy and performance of three major insurance companies"
Discussant: Yoshio KOJIMA (Fukuyama University)

Session 8 The Sea surrounding Japan
Chair and discussant: Masashi KIMIYA (University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: Jeawon HWANG (Waseda University)
"Revisiting the Dokdo/Takeshima dispute"
Speaker 2: Yoshiyuki OGASAWARA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
"Understanding the Japan-Taiwan fishery agreement with the help of Ma Ying-jeou's Ph D dissertation"
Discussant: Shin KAWASHIMA (University of Tokyo)

Panel 3 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Asian Studies
Chair: Tomoo MARUKAWA (University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: Daisuke FUJII (Kobe University)
"An analysis of the location of foreign-invested firms in China using GIS"
Speaker 2: Yoshimi UNE (Hiroshima University)
"The application of GIS in the study of Asian industrial geography: the cases of studies on India and Thailand"
Speaker 3: Akiko TAKAHASHI (University of Tokyo)
"An analysis of the influence of regional differences in land development on population dynamics: the case of Tamil Nadu, India in 18th and 19th century"
Discussant: Kohei WAKIMURA (Osaka City University)

Panel 4 The Civil Society and Speech in Asian Emerging Countries
Chair: Ikuo IWASAKI (Takushoku University)
Speaker 1: Jin ISHIZUKA (University of Yamanashi)
"Freedom of speech and constitutional rule in China viewed from the Nanfang Zhoumo incident"
Speaker 2: Tsukasa IGA (Kyoto University)
"The promulgation of freedom of information act in Selangor, Malaysia: activation of society and the changes in governance"
Speaker 3: Kazuya NAKAMIZO (Kyoto University)
"Violence and civil society: the case of Gujarat, India"
Discussants: Ikuo IWASAKI (Takushoku University), Masaharu HISHIDA (Hosei University)

Afternoon Sessions (14:00-17:30)

Plenary session "Population dynamics in Asia and the change of economy and society"
Chair: Hideo OHASHI (Senshu University)
Speaker 1: Shanping YAN (Doshisha University)
"The current status, background, and remedies for aging and decreasing fertility in China"
Speaker 2: Masato KAWAMORI (Osaka University)
"Medical care for the elderly population in Thailand: What has been achieved? What is needed now?"
Speaker 3: Junko KISO (Ferris University)
"Population dynamics, man power, and development in India"
Discussants: Yukari SAWADA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), Haruka YANAGISAWA (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

International Symposium Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of JAAS [E]
Asian Studies beyond Borders´╝ÜWhere do we come from? Where are we going?
Moderator: Chiharu Takenaka (Rikkyo University)/Kazushi Shimizu (Kyushu University)
Speaker: Reynaldo C. Ileto (Australian National University)
Speaker: Achin Vanaik (Delhi University)
Speaker: Kjeld Erik Broedsgaard (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
Discussant: Kenichiro Hirano (Tokyo University & Waseda University)
Discussant: Hiromu Shimizu (Kyoto University)