The 2016 Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


November 19
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Session 1 Rural Societies in Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: Satoru Nishimura (Kagoshima University)

Speaker 1: Zhai Yalei (Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University)

“Do Migration and Remittances Reduce Poverty? Evidence from Myanmar”

Speaker 2: Ayumi Sugimoto (Akita International University)

“Diverse agricultural labor within a rural community in the Philippines – Case study from Tarlac Province"

Discussant: Atsuko Mizuno (Kyushu University)

Session 2 History of East and Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: Shin Kawashima (University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: Yasuyuki Miyake (Kwansei Gakuin Unviersity)

"Burma’s Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations with the Chinese Communist Regime, 1949-1950"

Speaker 2: Atsuko Kanoh (University of Tsukuba)

"The Nationalist Chinese Government’s attitude toward Korean Independent Movement, 1938-1945"

Speaker 3: Hiroko Sono (Miyazaki University)

"Commercial and Accounting Education in Taiwan under the Rule of Japan"

Discussant: Michiko Kitaba (Kansai University)

Session 3 Economic and International Relations in Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: Kazushi Shimizu (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: Tsuyoshi Saruwatari (Kyushu University)

"Southeast Asian FTAs and the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Malaysia"

Speaker 2: Yoshifumi Fukunaga (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)

"Revisiting the ASEAN minus X formula"

Speaker 3: Yasutoshi Kunimoto (Baiko Gakuin Unversity)

"Thai Human Resources Development as a Systematic Technology Transfer in the Cooperation Type of Industry -Government-University: as a Case of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology"

Discussant: Hisao Kasuga (Fukui Prefectural University),
Seiya Sukegawa (Institute for International Trade and Investment)

Session 4 China: State, Society and Economy

Chair and Discussant: Tomoo Marukawa (University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: Vida Macikenaite (International University of Japan)

"Model of Governance in China: Analysis of the Networks between Business Entities and State Institutions"

Speaker 2: Wei Yi (Doshisha University)/ Yan Shanping (Doshisha University)

"Determinants of the Social Consciousness in Urban China: Evidence from Tianjin Social Survey in 1997 and 2008"

Speaker 3: Miyuki Nakaoka (University of Kita Kyushu)

"Secondary Housing Markets in Major Coastal Cities of China"

Discussant: Mariko Watanabe (Gakushuin University),

Tomoko Ako (University of Tokyo)

Panel 1 International Politics over the Marine Boundary in East Asia

Chair and Discussant: Mie Oba (Tokyo University of Science)

Speaker 1: Takeshi Uzawa (Hosei University)

“The utilities and limitations of ASEAN’s diplomacy toward the South China Sea: Implications for regional order-building in East Asia”

Speaker 2: Tomotaka Shoji (National Institute of Defense Studies)
Speaker 3: Chisako Masuo (Kyushu University)

“China’s Policy over the “Maritime Territory” and its International Implications”

Afternoon Session 1 (13:00-15:00)

Session 5 Development in India

Chair and Discussant: Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University)

Speaker 1: Hajime Sato (Institute of Developing Economies)

“Judicial Activism, Constitutionalism and Developmentalism in India”

Speaker 2: Kazuya Wada (University of Nagasaki)

“What is ‘Participation’ for Development?: Econometric Analysis of Microdata of India"

Discussant: Koji Yamazaki (Kobe University)

Session 6 Dynamism of the Society

Chair and Discussant: Chiharu Takenaka (Rikkyo University)

Speaker 1: Akiko Murakami (Hokkaido University)

“Women's Social Contribution Activities in Iran: Case Study of Ardabil”

Speaker 2: Yuriko Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

“Brain Circulation of Graduates of Japanese HEIs and their Role in Economic Collaboration"

Speaker 3: Shunsuke Sasaki (Teikyo University, JSPS PD)

“Child Labor in a Dumpsite: The Case of Bantar Gebang, Indonesia"

Discussant: Yuri Sato (Institute of Developing Economies)

Session 7 Capital Market / Financial Market

Shingo Mikamo (Shinshu University)

Speaker 1: Tetsu Konishi (Kyoto University)

“Financial Supervision for Capital Market in Indonesia: Effectiveness against Political Businesses”

Speaker 2: Jun Saito (Institute of Developing Economies)

“Stock Market Contagion thorough the Remittance: the Experience of the GCC, Asia and Arab Countries"

Speaker 3: Kentaro Kambara(Graduate School of Asian and African Studies, Kyoto University)

“Development and Movement of Islamic Finance in Brunei Darussalam: From the Perspective of Economic Development Strategy"

Discussant: Rika Nakagawa (Toyo University)

Panel 2 The Impact of the OBOR/AIIB on Political Economy of Central Asia: A Multidimensional Analysis

Chair: Goro Takahashi (Aichi University)

Speaker 1: Maria Tanaka (Aichi University)

“The Transformative Impact of the AIIB on Central Asia: The Case of the MDBs Co-Financing Framework Agreements"

Speaker 2: Asei Ito (University of Tokyo)

“China - Emerging Economies Nexus and the OBOR: The Case of Kazakhstan and China Landbridge Project"

Speaker 3: Amane Tanaka (Aichi University)

“The Security – Development Nexus in Central Asia: The Case of the Islamist Terrorism in Xinjiang"

Discussant: Yuji Morikawa (Nagasaki University)

Panel 3 The Chinese Revolution and the Transition of Local Power Structures

Chair: Yusuke Anami (Tohoku University)
Speaker 1: Shin Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba)
Speaker 2: Chen Yao-huang (Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica)
Discussant: Nobu Iwatani (Hokkaido University),

Sui Yi (University of Tsukuba)

Afternoon Session 2 (15:00-17:00)

Panel 4 Thinking the Seas and Islands in Northeast Asia: Wakkanai-Sakhalin, Tsushima-South Kore, and Yonaguni-Taiwan

Chair and Discussant: Akihiro Iwashita (Hokkaido University/Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: Yasunori Hanamatsu (Kyushu University)

“Development of Tsushima-Busan Border Tourism and its impact on the borderland society in Tsushima"

Speaker 2: Naganori Komine (Yonaguni Municipal Government)

“Building the Yonaguni Musem for History and Culture: Towards a new relationship with Taiwan"

Speaker 3: Naoki Amano (Yamagata University)

“A landing, transferring and forwarding place: Wakkanai city in the relationship between Hokkaido and Sakhalin"

Panel 5 Christianity and Chinese Politics

Chair: Lin Xiuguang (Keio University)

Speaker 1: Masaya Ueno (Keio University)

“The Chinese Government’s Policy toward Protestant Churches in the 2000s: The Process of Rebuilding the Institution for Control"

Speaker 2: Yosuke Matsutani (United Church of Christ in Japan)

“Theological thought of the Beijing Shouwang church- focusing on her Ecclesiology"

Discussant: Masaharu Hishida (Hosei University),

Chitose Sato (Hokkai School of Commerce)

Plenary Session:The Economic Integration and Development in East Asia
—AEC ,RCEP , TPP and One Belt/ One Road—

Moderator: Shimizu, Kazushi (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: Ishikawa,Koichi (Asia University)

“Economic Integration and FTA in East Asia”

Speaker 2: Hirakawa,Hitoshi (Kokushikan University)

“Economic Integration and new development in East Asia"

Speaker 3: Yukawa,Kazuo (Asia University)

“Consideration on One belt/ One Road from the political economy"

Discussant: Ishigami,Etsuro (Fukuoka University),

Oba Mie (Tokyo University for science)