The 2017 Autumn Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


October 21 (Sat)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Panel 1 The Public Diplomacy and domestic policy of East Asian Countries in the Cold War Period

Speaker 1: KAWASHIMA Shin (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 2: TSUCHIYA Yuka (Kyoto University)
Speaker 3: KOBAYASHI Somei (Nihon University)
Discussant: KIMIYA Tadashi (The University of Tokyo)
Discussant: IENAGA Masaki (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Panel 2 Hong Kong Embedded: Three Chinese Relationalities

Chair and Discussant: ZHAO Hongwei (Hosei University)

Speaker 1: TANIGAKI Mariko (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 2: NI Jie (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 3: MORI Kazumichi (New Asian Invesco Ltd)

Session 1 Economy in China

Chair and Discussant: MARUKAWA Tomono (The University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: WANG Jia (Kyushu University)

"The Relationship between Financial Systems and Housing Prices in China:An Empirical Analysis Using VAR model"

Speaker 2: WU Qingji (Kobe University)

"Risk Sharing and Village Finance Expenditure in China"

Speaker 3: LIU Yajing (Hiroshima Shudo University)

"Financial Crises, Bank Lending, and Trade Credit: Evidence from Chinese Enterprises"

Discussant: ZHANG Yan (Meijigakuin University)

Session 2 Politics and Economy in in Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: MIENO Fumiharu (Kyoto University)

Speaker 1: TANIGUCHI Miyoko (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

"Political Legitimacy of Non-State Actor -The Case of the Moro Islam Liberation Front in Mindanao, the Philippines-"

Speaker 2: OKUDA Hidenobu (Hitotsubashi University)

"Technical Efficiency of Cambodian Commercial Banks: Its Determinants and Policy Implications"

Speaker 3: LI Enmin (J. F. Oberlin University)

"China’s Foreign Aid Toward Southeast Asia: A Fieldwork Report"

Discussant: KAWASHIMA Midori (Sophia University)

Afternoon Sessions1 (13:00 – 15:00)

Panel 3 The East Asian Welfare Mix Seen in the Urbanization of China -Implementing Social Security Policy through a Contracting Network-

Chair: SAWADA Yukari (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Speaker 1: YU Yang (Josai University)
Speaker 2: KATAYAMA Yuki (NLI Research Institute)
Speaker 3: QIN Lijian (Anhui University of Finance & Economics)
Discussant: SHEN Jie (Japan Women's University)

Panel 4 Natural Resource Management in North East Asia

Chair: IMAMURA Hiroko (University of Toyama)

Speaker 1: YAMAMOTO Masashi (University of Toyama)
Speaker 2: SEKIYAMA Takashi (Toyo University)
Speaker 3: ITO Gaku (University of Toyama)

Session 3 Politics and Economy in South Korea

Chair and Discussant: KAWASHIMA Shin (The University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: KIM Hyunkoo (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

“The Origin of Political conservatism in Korea”

Speaker 2: PARK Keunho (Shizuoka University)

“The Role of the US Government in Korean electronic industry"

Speaker 3: MIZUNO Takaaki (Kanda University of International Studies)

“When and how the first voice of the "Comfort woman" was reported?"

Discussant: KIMIYA Tadashi (The University of Tokyo)

Session 4 Thought, Media, and Politics in China

Chair and Discussant: WANG Xueping (Toyo University)

Speaker 1: XU Tao (Kyushu University)

“Construction of a New Image of the World in Contemporary Chinese Thought: Views from Dushu ( Reding ) magazine (1990-2010) "

Speaker 2: YU HAICHUN (Graduate School, Waseda University)

“Comparing Journalism Award-giving Practices Across Chinese Regions: A Content Analysis of Award-winning Articles"

Discussant: ISHIZUKA Jin (University of Yamanashi)

Session 5 Economy and Integration in East Asia

Chair and Discussant: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University)

Speaker 1: ASAMOTO Teruo (Kyushu Sangyo University)

“Way Largan can chang to most large enterprise of smartphone camera lens ?”

Speaker 2: YOSHITOMI Takuto (Tokyo Foreign Laguage College)

“China's two-truck international currency strategy"

Speaker 3: CHEN PoChieh (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

“Taiwan and Economic Integration in East Asia:a study of the trend of FTAs"

Discussant: YOSHIOKA Hidemi (Kumamoto University)
Discussant: OBA Mie (Tokyo University of Science)

Plenary Session A New Frontier of Informal Economy and Social Security System in Asia

Chair and Discussant: SAWADA Yukari (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Speaker 1 and Discussant: OIZUMI Keiichiro (The Japan Research Institute)
Speaker 2: ENDO Tamaki (Saitama University)
Speaker 3: KIM Sung-won (Meiji Gakuin University)

Panel 5 Global Production Networks of Japanese Multinationals and the Indian Economy

Chair: KAMIIKE Atsuko (Kobe University)

Speaker 1: ESHO Hideki (Hosei University)
Speaker 2: UNE Yoshimi (Kanazawa University)
Speaker 3: KATO Atsuyuki (Kanazawa University)
Discussant: SATO Takahiro (Kobe University)

Session 6 India and Myanmar

Chair and Discussant: NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)

Speaker 1: Kumada Tohru

“Facts and Normas surrounding the “Rohingya” problems”

Speaker 2: NAGANO Kazushige (Graduate School, Rikkyo University)

“Kutch border dispute in 1965: international relations of India and Pakistan"

Speaker 3: Rupakjyoti Borah (National University of Singapore)

“Institute of South Asian Studies, NUS, Kent Ridge Campus, Singapore"

Discussant: ENOKI Miki (Nagoya City University)

Session 7 Politics and Society in China

Chair and Discussant: KOJIMA Kazuko (Keio University)

Speaker 1: SUZUKI Takshi (Aichi Prefectural University)

“CCP's Party Recruitment Policy in Xi Jinping Era"

Speaker 2: NAKAOKA Mari (Tokiwa University)

“The Vote-buying and CCP's rule--The Seats for Sale and the Seats not for Sale"

Speaker 3: REN Zhe (Institute of Developing Economies), XIE Zhihai (Kyoai Gakuen University)

“Urban Boarder and Subway System"

Discussant: MORI Kazuko (Waseda University)