The 2018 Autumn Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


November 24 (Sat)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Panel 1: The Linkage between Internal and External Dynamics and New Perspective of Domestic Intellectual Foundation Building on China's Decision Making Process

Chair: ZHANG Yun (Niigata University)
Speaker 1: ZHANG Yun
Speaker 2: INOU Ichiro (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Speaker 3: KURIHARA Jun (Canon Institute for Global Studies)
Speaker 4: ZHOU Wang (Nankai University, China)
Discussant: ZHU Guanglei (Nankai University, China)

Panel 2: The decision making of Post Culture Revolution Era's China

Chair: MASUI Yasuki (Niigata University)
Speaker 1: LI Yanming (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 2: YU Minhao (Nagoya University of Commerce & Business)
Discussant: ETO Naoko (Institute of Developing Economies)

Session 1: Economy in Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: ISHIKAWA Kozo (Niigata University)
Speaker 1: NISHINO Tomohiro (Graduate School, Kobe University)

"The Impact of Industrial Agglomeration on Local Economic Development in Thailand"

Speaker 2: KIRIHARA Midori (Graduate School, Kyoto University)

"Expansion of International Halal Industry and its Background: A Consideration on the Global Halal Movement and the Strategies of Malaysia"

Speaker 3: KONISHI Tetsu (Osaka University of Economics and Law)

"Effectivity of Financial Supervision in Indonesia: What are the matters in the Securities Market?"

Discussant: FUKUSHIMA Yasuhiro (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Session 2: Politics in Taiwan

Chair and Discussant: FUKUDA Madoka (Hosei University)
Speaker 1: ITO Mikihiko

"The Thought of the Republic of Formosa the Tianfu Army Commander Xu Xiang: The Hakka Consciousness, the Taiwanese Consciousness, the Thought of Taiwanese Patriotism, the Thought of Taiwanese Nationalism"

Speaker 2: WANG Weibin (Hiroshima Shudo University)

"Senkaku Islands Dispute in the Early 1970s and the Public Opinion in Taiwan"

Speaker 3: IGARASHI Takayuki (Graduate School, National Defense Academy)

"GRC’s Military Strategy in Premier Chiang Ching-kuo era, 1972-1978: Construction of “Autonomous Defense” system and Attempt to “Retake the Mainland”"

Discussant: KAWASHIMA Shin (The University of Tokyo)

Afternoon Sessions1 (13:00 – 14:30)

Session 3: Politics in Southeast Asia

Chair and Discussant: TAKAGI Yusuke (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Speaker 1: NISHIMURA Kenichi (Osaka University)

"Local Development Council and its Effect to the Local Development Planning in the Philippines"

Speaker 2: KIMURA Tomohiko (Seikei University)

"Early Australian supportive activities for East Timor: with a focus on Ken Fry, Member of Parliament (1974-84)"

Discussant: INOUE Hiroko (Daito Bunka University)

Session 4: Foreign Policy in China

Chair and Discussant: ANAMI Yusuke (Tohoku University)
Speaker 1: OKAMOTO Itaru (Bunkyo Gakuin University)

"The Limits of Chinese “Soft Power” Diplomacy: The “Confucius Institute” and Recipient Democracies’ Repulsion"

Speaker 2: SAKABE-MORI Aki (University of Tsukuba)

"Constructing Maritime Consciousness in China"

Session 5: Free Trade in Asia

Chair and Discussant: SUKEGAWA Seiya (Kokushikan University)
Speaker 1: YOKOO Akihiko (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

"Linkage Politics between China’s Accession to GATT Negotiation and Price System Reformation: 1986-1994"

Speaker 2: SAITO Akiko (Graduate School, Keio University)

"RCEP Investment Chapter and its significance for Japan"

Discussant: SONE Yasuo (Nihon University)

Session 6: Economy in South Korea and Taiwan

Chair and Discussant: YOSHIOKA Hidemi (Kumamoto University)
Speaker 1: ABE Makoto (Institute of Developing Economies)

"Technological Learning of Korean Steel Industry: the Case of Construction of Pohang Steel Works"

Speaker 2: AKABANE Jun (Chuo University)

"Takeover catch up strategy by Asian late comer enterprise"

Discussant: NAKAHARA Yumiko (Kyushu Sangyo University)

Session 7: Society in South Asia

Chair and Discussant: OTA Hitoshi (Institute of Developing Economies)
Speaker 1: WADA Kazuya (Kanazawa University)

"Land holdings, investments in education, and poverty reduction: an empirical analysis of microdata of India"

Speaker 2: Karki Shyam Kumar (Graduate School, Soka University)

"BOP Business Model as Poverty Reduction Strategy “Case Study of Handmade Paper Industry in Nepal”"

Discussant: YOSHIDA Hidemi (Hosei University)

Afternoon Sessions2 (14:45 – 17:15)

Plenary Session: Do Democracies Decline in Asia?

Moderator: ASAMI Yasuhito (Hosei University)
Speaker 1: Thongchai Winichakul (Institute of Developing Economies)

"Fear of Democracy in Thailand: Who is Afraid of Whom?"

Speaker 2: KUSAKA Wataru (NAGOYA University)

"Complicity of "Good Citizens" and Extrajudicial Killing in the Philippines: A Neoliberal Outcome of Democracy"

Speaker 3: NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)

"Melting Democracy: Strong State and Vigilantism in India"

Discussant: MINATO Kazuki (Institute of Developing Economies)

Session 8 Politics and Society in China

Chair and Discussant: EGUCHI Shingo (The University of Shimane)
Speaker 1: ETO Anna (Keio University)

"On the Imagination of ‘National Economy’ of the Chinese Nationalist Party Before 1935 Currency Reform"

Speaker 2: ZHENG Cheng (Waseda University)

"The Adaptation of the young intellectuals on the cultural exchange between China and the Soviet Union"

Speaker 3: HASHIMOTO Tomohiro (Graduate School, Tohoku University)

"Obedience and Disobedience of Resident Committees: A Fragmented Network among Party, Government, and Resident Committee"

Speaker 4: SUZUKI Takashi (Aichi Prefectural University)

"‘Xi Jinping Thought’ and Political Ideas in the Transition Period of Reform and Opening-Up Policy"

Discussant: IZUTANI Yoko (Ferris University)
Discussant: KONO Tadashi (The University of Tokyo)