The 2019 Autumn Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


November 30 (Sat) Venue: Nanzan University, Nagoya City

Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Session 1: Political Philosophy and Governance in China (Building R, Floor 4th, R49)

Chair and Discussant: KAMO Tomoki (Keio University)

Speaker 1: HUANG Zhe (University of Tokyo, Graduate Student)

"The Strike Hard Anti-Crime Campaigns and 'Philosophy of Struggle'"

Speaker 2: JJING Min (University of Tokyo, Graduate Student)

"Shanghai Municipal Government's Administration towards Foreigners' Daily Life in Shanghai(1949-1954)"

Discussants: KAMO Tomoki (Keio University), NAKAOKA Mari (Tokiwa University)

Session 2: Corporate Behavior (Building R, Floor 4th, R46)

Chair and Discussant: KAWABATA Nozomu (Tohoku University)

Speaker 1: CHEN Kuang-hui (Kobe University)

"Agglomeration, Firm Turnover, and Productivity in China around 2000"

Speaker 2: AKABANE Jun (Chuo University)

"Asian Enterprise's M&A Strategy against Japanese Enterprise -A Case Study of Thai Summit Group's Acquisition of Ogihara-"

Speaker 3: MEN Chuang (Osaka Sangyo University)

"The Globalization of Chinese Banks: Location and Network"

Discussants: LIU Shuli (Fukuyama University) , KAWABATA Nozomu (Tohoku University),

    OHARA Atsuji (University of Nagasaki)

Afternoon Sessions1 (13:00 – 15:00)

Panel 1: 2019 General Election in India and Future of Democracy (Building R, Floor 4th, R44)

Chair and Discussant: TAKENAKA Chiharu (Rikkyo University)

Speaker 1: NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)

"2019 General Election and the Formation of the BJP System in India"

Speaker 2: Achin VANAIK(Former Professor of Delhi University)

"Modi's Foreign Policy: Kashmir, Pakistan and Beyond"

Speaker 3: Pamela Philipose(Public editor for, Former editor of Indian Express)

"Modi Government and Its Media Strategiest"

Discussants: TAKENAKA Chiharu (Rikkyo University)

Panel 2: Coping with the Gaps between Labour Supply and Demand in Suburban Farm Villages in Asia. (Building R, Floor 4th, R45)

Chair and Discussant: FUKAGAWA Hiroshi (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: TAKAYASU Yuichi (Daito Bunka University)

Speaker 2: MIZUNO Atsuko (Kyushu University)

"Labour Out-Migration and Agricultural Mechanization in Suburban Myanmar"

Discussants: FUKAGAWA Hiroshi (Kyushu University), MATSUDA Masahiko (Ritsumeikan University)

Session 3: Foreign Relations and International Order (Building R, Floor 4th, R46)

Chair and Discussant: TAKAHASHI Nobuo (Keio University)

Speaker 1: MORI Takumi (Hitotsubashi University, Graduate Student)

"The Republic of China's Diplomatic Policy toward Japan in Early 1960's: The Case of 'Japan-ROC Dispute'"

Speaker 2: XU Tao (Aichi University)

"Genealogy of Chinese Thoughts on International Order since 1990s"

Discussants: TAKAHASHI Nobuo (Keio University), KAWASHIMA Shin (University of Tokyo)

Session 4: Industry and Policy (Building R, Floor 4th, R49)

Chair and Discussant: SHIMIZU Kazushi (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: OHARA Atsuji (University of Nagasaki)

"Retail Payment Gap between China, Korea and Japan: The Result of Survey"

Speaker 2: HAO Yanshu (Meiji University)

"Comparative Study on Support Policies of SMEs in China and Japan "

Speaker 3: SASAKI Shunsuke (Waseda University)

"Income Level of Waste Pickers and Desirable Wedge Level in an Integrated Waste Management: The Case of Bantar Gebang, Indonesia"

Speaker 4: ITO Susumu (Chuo University)

"Issues in PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Infrastructure Development in Indonesia"

Discussants: MEN Chuang (Osaka Sangyo University), ITO Susumu (Chuo University),

    Chen Kuang-hui (Kobe University),SHIMIZU Kazushi (Kyushu University)

Afternoon Sessions2 (15:30 – 17:30)

Plenary Session: Perception of History, Transitional Justice, International Law in East Asia: With a Focus on South Korean Court Ruling Orders (Building R, Floor 4th, R49)

Moderator: HIRAIWA Shunji (Nanzan University)

Speaker 1: AOKI Kiyoshi (Nanzan University)

Speaker 2: OKUZONO Hideki (University of Shizuoka)

Discussants: KAWASHIMA Shin (University of Tokyo), OBA Mie (Tokyo University of Science),

    YAMADA Tetsuya (Nanzan University)

Session 5: Symbiosis, Segregation and Development (Building R, Floor 4th, R46)

Chair and Discussant: SATO Yuri (JETRO- IDE)

Speaker 1: ITAKURA Kazuhiro (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)

"Inclusion and Exclusion of Muslims in India: Focusing of the Politics of Muslim Reservation in Andhra Pradesh"

Speaker 2: MIKAMO Shingo (Shinshu University)

"Economic Development Policy under the Duterte Presidency in the Philippines"

Speaker 3: YAMADA Noriyuki (Hokkai School of Commerce)

"The Old Town of Kashgar as a 'Tourism Space': The Redevelopment and the Display of the Ethnic People, the Religions, the Culture"

Discussants: SATO Yuri (JETRO-IDE), KONDO Norio (JETRO-IDE),

    MIKAMO Shingo (Shinshu University)

Session 6: China after Reform and Open-Door Policy (Building R, Floor 4th, R44)

Chair and Discussant: KOJIMA Kazuko (Keio University)

Speaker 1: YANG Pengchao (Ritsumeikan University, Graduate Student)

"Characteristics and Issues of China's Foreign Aid Policy"

Speaker 2: AITA Moriki (University of Tsukuba)

"The Indispensable Relations that Xi Has Sought in the Civil-Military Integration Strategy:The Way of People's War Prepared for Information Warfare"

Speaker 3: FURUSAWA Kenji

"Globalization of Economy and the Reform in China"

Discussants: KOJIMA Kazuko (Keio University), MARUKAWA Tomoo (University of Tokyo)