East Japan Meeting of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


Date: October 12, 2013
Venue: Waseda Campus, Waseda University
Access: 5 minutes walk from Waseda Station, Tokyo Metro Subway, Tozai line
20 minutes walk from Takatanobaba Station, JR Yamanote line
See http://www.waseda.jp/eng/campus/map.html for details.

All presentations will be presented in Japanese.

Morning Sessions

Session 1 South East Asia 10:50-12:30

Chair and Discussant: Nobuto YAMAMOTO (Keio University)
Speaker 1: Ayako TOYAMA (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)

“Electoral Reform in Thailand since the 1990s: Focusing on the Changes of Political Party Act and Election Act”

Speaker 2: Shinya IKEDA (Tohoku University)

“Divergence and Efficiency of Transaction Customs in Public Fresh Produce Markets in Indonesia"

Discussant: Shinichi SHIGETOMI (Institute of Developing Economies)

Session 2 Asian International Relations 10:00-11:40

Chair and Discussant: TBA
Speaker 1: Lusha PIAO (Graduate School of Globalizing Asia, Kokushikan University)

"Energy Security in Northeast Asia and Russia's Energy Nationalism"

Speaker 2: Kenrai KOU (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo)

"The ROK's Economic Diplomacy towards East Asia during the Syngman Rhee and Chang Myong Administrations: A Study on the Negotiation Processes for Trade Agreements with the Philippines and the ROC"

Discussant: Sizhi GUO (Teikyo University)

Session 3 Chinese Politics and Society 10:00-12:30

Chair and Discussant: Liang TANG (Waseda University)
Speaker 1: Kazumichi MORI (New Asian Invesco (HK) Ltd.)

"Wang Yang's Happiness Theory -A New Perspective of China's Open-door Policy"

Speaker 2: Haolan ZHENG (Ferris University)

"War, State, and Children: 'National Childcare' in China during the Anti-Japanese War Period"

Speaker 3: Hao LI (University of Tokyo)

"Hua Guofeng and the Start of Reform"

Discussant: Atsuko SHIMBO (Waseda University)

Panel The Militarized Society of Modern China and its Effect on the Chinese Revolution 10:00-12:30

Chair: Nobu IWATANI (National Institute of Defense Studies)
Speaker 1: Shin YAMAMOTO (University of Tsukuba)

"Militarized Society in Fujiang Province during the Republican Era and the Failed Attempt by the Nationalist Government to Integrate the Nation and to Mobilize the Society"

Speaker 2: Yusuke ANAMI (Tohoku University)

"How can we Entice Soldiers away from the Opponent Army? Some Reflections on the Militarized Society during the Republican Era and the Building of Military Power by the Chinese Communist Party"

Discussants: Takashi MARUTA (Hiroshima University), Tatsuro ARATAKE (Tokushima University)

Afternoon Sessions

Plenary Session China's Diplomacy and Neighboring Countries 14:00-17:30

Chair: Kazuko MORI (Waseda University)
Speaker 1: Satoshi AMAKO (Waseda University) On Sino-Japanese Relations
Speaker 2: Masao OKONOGI (Kyushu University) On the Relationship between China and ROK, DPRK
Speaker 3: Yoneji KUROYANAGI (Daito Bunka University) On China-ASEAN Relations
Speaker 4: Go ITO (Meiji University) On China-US Relations
Discussants: Kiichi FUJIWARA (University of Tokyo), Takenori HORIMOTO (Kyoto University)

Session 4 Chinese and Taiwanese Industries 14:00-17:20

Chair and Discussant: Mariko WATANABE (Gakushuin University)
Speaker 1: Chunxia LI (Graduate School of Economics, Senshu University)

"Indigenous Innovation and China's Photovoltaic Industry: Strategic Emerging Industries and the Transformation of Economic Development Mode"

Speaker 2: Shiro HIOKI (Tohoku University)

"Agglomeration Externalities of China's Manufacturing Industries"

Speaker 3: Teruo ASAMOTO (Kyushu Sangyo University)

"Disruptive Innovation made by the Taiwanese Fabless IC Manufacturer, MTK"

Speaker 4: Hui XU (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba)

"The Changes of Development Factors of Offshore Software Outsourcing between Japan and China: The Case of Dalian"

Discussants: Yukihito SATO (Institute of Developing Economies), Tomoo MARUKAWA (University of Tokyo)