The 2018 Spring Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)

June 9 (Sat)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Panel 1 Depopulation and Urbanization of Rural Area in China

Chair: HORIGUCHI Tadashi (Osaka City University)
Speaker 1: HORIGUCHI Tadashi (Osaka City University)
Speaker 2: JIN Zhan (Minami Kyushu Junior College)
Speaker 3: JIAO Bifang (Fudan University, China)
Discussant: EGUCHI Shingo (Shimane Prefecture University)
Discussant: OBARA Erika (Kurume University)

Panel 2 Potentials and Challenges of Agro-resource-based Industries in Southeast Asia

Chair: SATO Yuri (Institute of Developing Economies)
Speaker 1: OIKAWA Hiroshi (Kansai University)
Speaker 2: KAWAN Motoko (The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Speaker 3: SAKATA Shozo (Institute of Developing Economies)
Discussant: IWASA Kazuyuki (Kochi University)

Session 1 International Relations and Security

Chair and Discussant: MASUO Chisako (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: KIMURA Takakazu

"How did U.S.-Japanese Relations Affect the Normalization Talks between Japan and Democratic Republic of Vietnam?"

Speaker 2: SHIMODAIRA Takuya (National Institute for Defense Studies)

"Problems and Prospects for Building Maritime Order in the Indo-Pacific Region -From the perspective of Role, Mission, and Capability of Major Sea Powers"

Speaker 3: TAKAHASHI Tomoko (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

"China and the Multilateral Environmental Regime -Cases from the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants-"

Discussant: OGASAWARA Takayuki (Yamanashi Gakuin University)

Session 2 Economy in Southeast Asia(10:00-12:30)

Chair: SHIMIZU Kazushi (Kyushu University)

Speaker 1: SARUWATARI Tsuyoshi (Fukui Prefectural University)

"Free Trade Agreements in ASEAN: Focusing on Case Study of the Electronics Industry"

Speaker 2: KUNIMOTO Yasutoshi (Baiko Gakuin University)

"The Future of the Thai economic development-The “Sufficient Economy” Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej adovocated"

Speaker 3: IMAI Takashi (Graduate School, Tezukayama University)

"Study of grain prices soaring factor in the 2008 food crisis -Case of the rice price increases in the Philippines-"

Speaker 4: TAKAHASHI Masaki (Musashino University)

"Methodology of Area Studies: From the Viewpoint of Critical Realism"

Discussant: ISHIKAWA Koichi (Asia University)
Discussant: YAMAMOTO Hiroshi (Kanagawa University)
Discussant: NAGAI Fumio (Osaka City University)

Session 3 Politics in South Asia (10:30-12:00)

Chair and Discussant: IZUYAMA Mari (National Institute for Defense Studies)
Speaker 1: TANAKA Soichiro (Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University)
Speaker 2: Rupakjyoti Borah (National University of Singapore)
Discussant: TAMARI Kazutoshi (University of Kochi)

Afternoon (14:00-16:30)

Kashiyama Seminar, International Symposium "China Studies in Asia -Viewpoints from Asia to China-"

Open Remarks: KAWASHIMA Shin (The University of Tokyo)
Chair: NAKAI Yoshifumi (Gakushuin University)
Panelist1: HWANG Jaeho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea)
Panelist2: Alka Acharya(Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
Panelist3: LIU Hong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Panelist4: TSAI Tung-Chieh (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)
Discussant: SHIRAISHI Takashi (The Prefectural University of Kumamoto)

June 10 (Sun)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Joint Round Table "Assessing Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy"

HSIAO Hsin-Huang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
SONODA Shigeto (The University of Tokyo)

Panelist1: YANG Hao (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Panelist2: HWANG Jaeho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea)
Panelist3: SUEHIRO Akira (Gakushuin University)
Panelist4: SATO Yuri (Institute of Developing Economies)

Panel 3 Overcapacity Problem of China's steel industry and Agreement on Subsidy and Countervailing Measure in WTO

Chair: XU Tao (Hokkai-Gakuen University)
Speaker 1: WATANABE Mariko (Gakushuin University)
Speaker 2: KAWASHIMA Fujio (Kobe University)
Discussant: OHASHI Hideo (Senshu University)

Session 4 China and North Korea

Chair and Discussant: KAWASHIMA Shin (The University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: KANO Atsuko (Graduate School, University of Tsukuba)

"Chinese National Government’s Support for Korean Independence before and after the Manchurian Incident: Failed Effort to make "the Center of Revolution""

Speaker 2: ZHANG Yun (Niigata University)

"U.S.-centrism Mentality and China’s North Korea Policy after the Cold War"

Speaker 3: WAKASUGI Minako (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

"The policy shift of "Armed Unification" of Kim Il Sung through the visit East Europe and north Africa in 1975"

Discussant: INOOKA Hiroshi (Gunma Prefectural Women's University)
Discussant: MIYAMOTO Satoru (Seigakuin University)

Session 5 Politics and Society in East Asia

Chair and Discussant: ISHIZUKA Jin (University of Yamanashi)

Speaker 1: BAE Yoon (Keio University)

"「Divided society」 and conflict management in ROK: case study of The Public Deliberation Committee on Shin-Gori Nuclear Reactors No. 5 & 6"

Speaker 2: NAITO Hiroko (Tohoku University)

"Installment of the Judicial Supervision and Institutionalization of the Party-State Relationship in 1980’s: Focusing on the Law-Making Process of the Administrative Procedure Law"

Speaker 3: Speaker 3: SONO Hiroko (Miyazaki University)

"Industrial Education in Taiwan during the Japanese Government Period -Requirements of the Commerce Faculty Member-"

Discussant: KIM Kiseong (University of Yamanashi)
Discussant: YAMAZAKI Naoya (Teikyo University)

Session 6 Labor in Asia

Chair and Discussant: YOSHIMURA Mako (Hosei University)

Speaker 1: MIYATSUKA Sumiko (University of Nagasaki)

“The Case Study of DPRK’s Dispatched Labors in Cambodia”

Speaker 2: SATO Yuriko (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Shimura Takuya (The Association for Overseas technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships)

“Utilization of international graduates of Japanese universities in Japanese-affiliated companies abroad: Case studies in Indonesia and Thailand”

Speaker 3: NIIMURA Megumi (Teikyo Heisei University)

“The Influence of Employment and Occupation on the Empowerment of Married Women in India”

Discussant: HATSUKANO Naomi (Institute of Developing Economies)

Afternoon Sessions (13:00-15:30)

Plenary Session “Teaching Asian Studies in College Education: Missions and Challenges”

Chair and Open Remarks: SONODA Shigeto (The University of Tokyo)
Panelist 1: KIMIYA Tadashi (The University of Tokyo)
Panelist 2: ENDO Tamaki (Saitama University)
Panelist 3: MATSUI Chieko (Yuhikaku)

Session 7 Economy in China

Chair: OBARA Erika (Kurume University)

Speaker 1: WAN Jiawei (Graduate School, Kansai University)

“Research on New Urbanization in China - A Case Study of Jinshan District”

Speaker 2: XU Tao (Hokkai-Gakuen University)

“GIS Dataset for the Manufacturing Industry in China"

Speaker 3: Chen Kuang-hui (Kobe University)

“The Productivity of China’s State-Owned Enterprises"

Speaker 4: NAKAGANE Katsuji (The University of Tokyo), MITSUNAMI Kohei (Teikyo University)

“Privatization/Marketization Dynamics in Developing Transition Economies: New Evidence from China"

Discussant: TENG Yuanyuan (Aichi University)
Discussant: KANAZAWA Takaaki (Wakayama University)
Discussant: MO Tetsuo (Osaka University of Commerce)
Discussant: YAN Shanping (Doshisha University)

Session 8 Finance and Currency in Southeast Asia(13:00-15:00)

Chair and Discussant: KOHSAKA Akira (Osaka University)

Speaker 1: OKUDA Hidenobu (Hitotsubashi University), AIBA Daiju (JICA Research Institute)

“Operational Efficiency of Cambodian and Philippine Microfinance Institutions: A Comparative Analysis Using DEA and PCA"

Speaker 2: KAMBARA Kentaro (Kyoto University)

“Significance of Islamic Banking in Bruneian Development: Analyzing Lending Operation"

Speaker 3: ODAJIMA Ken (JICA Research Institute), AIBA Daiju (JICA Research Institute), KHOU Vouthy (National Bank of Cambodia)

“What is the problem with local currency in a dollarized country? Currency choice for payment and transaction cost"

Discussant: SAITO Jun (Institute of Developing Economies)