The 2019 Spring Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)


June 8 (Sat)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Panel 1 Belt and Road Initiative and Southeast Asia

Chair: KUROYANAGI Yoneji (Daito Bunka University)
Speaker 1: FUKUDA Tamotsu (Toyo Eiwa University)

"Regional multilateral institutions in the Asia-Pacific in the midst of US-China Rivalry"

Speaker 2: HIRAKAWA Sachiko (Waseda University)

"Japan-ASEAN Relations in BRI Era: Strategic Implementation of Human Security"

Speaker 3: OGASAWARA Takayuki (Yamanashi Gakuin University)

"Vietnam’s Quest for Security in the Midst of US-China Rivalry"

Discussant: ASANO Ryo (Doshisha University)

Session 1 Politics in China

Chair and Discussant: IWATANI Nobu (Hokkaido University)
Speaker 1: KANO Atsuko (Graduate School, University of Tsukuba)

"Chinese National Government’s Support for the Korean Volunteer Corps: 1938-1942"

Speaker 2: AITA Moriki (Graduate School, University of Tsukuba)

"Xi Jinping’s Inspection and Impact on the People Liberation Army"

Speaker 3: REN Zhe (Institute of Developing Economies)

"Defining Boundary and Members: Case Study of Rural Share-holding Corporative in Coastal Region of China"

Discussant: TAKIDA Go (Kyoto Sangyo University)

Session 2 Region and Ethnic Minorities in China

Chair: KOBAYASHI Takuma (Matsuyama University)
Speaker 1: KUMAKURA Jun (Institute of Developing Economies)

"The Anti-Rightist Campaign in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: the Role of Ethnic-minority Elites"

Speaker 2: KINOSHITA Mitsuhiro (Keiwa College)

"Hua GuoFeng and Ethnic Minorities"

Speaker 3: MINAMIKAWA Takanori (Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia)

"A Study for Economic Integration of among Chinese Provinces"

Discussant: HOSHINO Masahiro (Nanzan University)

Session 3 International Relations and Security

Chair and Discussant: TAKENAKA Chiharu (Rikkyo University)
Speaker 1: OKAMOTO Itaru (Bunkyo Gakuin University)

"Can we de-couple China from the global economy? Symmetrizing interdependence with PRC"

Speaker 2: SHIMODAIRA Takuya (National Institute for Defense Studies)

"Japan and the United States, China’s Strategy toward the Pacific Islands and Security Cooperation"

Speaker 3: Rupakjyoti Borah (National University of Singapore)

"Japan-India Connectivity Projects in Northeast India: Analysing the Benefits and Challenges"

Discussant: AOYAMA Rumi (Waseda University)

Afternoon (14:00-16:30)

Kashiyama Seminar, International Symposium "Southeast Asian Studies in Asia : How have they analyzed inter-Asia relations?"

Open Remarks: MIENO Fumiharu (Kyoto University)
Chair: YAMAMOTO Nobuto (Keio University)
Panelist1: Bi Shihong (Yunnan University, China)
Panelist2: Nualnoi Treerat (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Panelist3: Didi Kwartanada (Nation Building Foundation (NABIL), Indonesia)
Panelist4: Michael Feener (Oxford University, UK)
Discussant: SHIMIZU Kazushi (Kyushu University)
Discussant: OKAMOTO Masaaki(Kyoto University)

June 9 (Sun)
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)

Panel 2 Nationalisms in China and Taiwan: Control or Crash?

Chair: MATSUDA Yasuhiro (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: ETO Naoko (Institute of Developing Economies)

"Diversification of Chinese Nationalism and the policy toward Taiwan"

Speaker 2: FUKUDA Madoka (Hosei University)

"The PRC’s Policy Toward Taiwan and ‘Nationalism’in Taiwan"

Discussant: TAKAHARA Akio (The University of Tokyo)
Discussant: TAJIMA Eiichi (Keio University)

Session 4 Urban Areas and Rural Areas in Asia

Chair and Discussant: OKAMOTO Ikuko (Toyo University)
Speaker 1: LEE Sohee (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

"Effects of Local Residents’‘Self-help’on Rural Development:An Analysis of the Kye’in the Korean Saemaul Movement"

Speaker 2: ZHAI Yalei (Kyoto University)

"The Impact of Internal Conflicts on Borrowing and Lending Behavior of Rural Households: Evidence from Northern Myanmar"

Speaker 3: MIYAGAWA Shinji (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo)

"The transformation of survival strategies of the urban poor-A case study of the‘electricity theft’in a slum area in Metro Manila-"

Discussant: FUKAGAWA Hiroshi (Kyushu University)
Discussant: SATAKE Masaaki (Nagoya Gakuin University)

Session 5 People’s Migration and Organization

Chair and Discussant: SONODA Shigeto (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: SAITO Akiko (Graduate School, Keio University)

"Japanese Business Leaders and the Rise of Private Economic Diplomacy in the 1960s"

Speaker 2: SATO Yuriko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

"Role of Kokusai Gakuyukai (International Student Institute) in the Acceptance of International Students Before and After the War"

Speaker 3: ZHANG Bing (Yamanashi Prefectural University)

"The rapid increase of Chinese overseas travelers and its impact on Asian countries"

Discussant: OBA Mie (Tokyo University of Science)

Session 6 International Cooperation and Collaboration

Chair and Discussant: OIZUMI Keiichiro (Asia University)
Speaker 1: David M. Potter (Nanzan University), KIM Hyo-sook (Kansai Gaidai University)

"Japan and South Korea’s Electoral Assistance: Possibilities and Limitations in the Asian Mode of Foreign Aid"

Speaker 2: SAKO Koji (Graduate School, Chiba University of Commerce)

"How Japanese companies should engage in third-country market cooperation with Chinese enterprises in infrastructure Area~focusing on ASEAN region~"

Discussant: SATO Jin (The University of Tokyo)

Afternoon Sessions (13:00-15:30)

Plenary Session “Thirty Years After Tiananmen: Reflections on China in the 1980s”

Chair: TAKAHASHI Nobuo (Keio University)
Speaker 1: KAMO Tomoki (Keio University)
Speaker 2: YAN Shanping (Doshisha University)
Speaker 3: ISHIZUKA Jin (University of Yamanashi)
Discussant: TANG Liang (WASEDA University)
Discussant: KOJIMA Kazuko (Keio University)

Session 7 Economy in Southeast Asia(13:00-15:00)

Chair: NAKAGAWA Rika (Toyo University)
Speaker 1: NISHINO Tomohiro (Graduate School, Kobe University)

"Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Improve Productivity?-The Impact of Technology Transfer and R&D on Productivity Improvement in Asia-"

Speaker 2: YOSHINO Fumio (Takushoku University)

"Business Cycle in Southeast Asia"

Speaker 3: KAMBARA Kentaro (Kyoto University)

"Development and Characteristics of Small and Medium Enterprises Finance in Malaysia"

Discussant: SHIINO Kohei (Takushoku University)