Program for JAAS Autumn Convention 2021


November 20 (Sat)
10:00 – 12:00  Individual Panel and Individual Papers 1-3

Individual Panel: China’s Rise and Transformation of International Order: Combination of Historical and Cognitive Approaches

Chair: ASANO Ryo (Doshisha University)

Presentation 1: NAKATANI Tadashi (Teikyo University)

’Changing World Order and the “Belt and Road Initiative”: Is the Rise of China Compatible with a “Free and Open” International Order?’

Presentation 2: YAMAGUCHI Wataru (Teikyo University)

’Changing World Order and the "Belt and Road Initiative": A History of “ Free and Open Indo-Pacific”’

Presentation 3: MATSUMOTO Asuka (Doshisha University)

’US-China Relations on Public Diplomacy: Policy Changes and Mutual Assessment - the US’

Presentation 4: ZHANG Xuebin (Osaka University of Economics and Law)

’US-China Relations on Public Diplomacy: Policy Changes and Mutual Assessment – PRC’

Discussant: MURATA Koji (Doshisha University), SATO Koichi (J. F. Oberlin University)

Individual Papers 1: National Integration in Southeast Asian Countries

Chair: OKAMOTO Masaaki (Kyoto University)

Presentation 1: IMAMURA Sachiko (Doshisha University)

‘Governing Ideology with Extra-judicial Violence: An Analysis of Suharto Regime in Indonesia’

Presentation 2: ABE Kazumi (Akita University)

‘The role of diaspora in the Papuan independence movement’

Discussant: MASUHARA Ayako (Asia University), KAWAMURA Koichi (Institute of Developing Economies)

Individual Papers 2: International Relations in Asia

Chair: KAWASHIMA Shin (University of Tokyo)

Presentation 1: XU Yirao (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

‘China's policy toward Vietnam:From the signing of the Paris Peace Accords to the unification of Vietnam (1973-1976)’

Presentation 2: SUN Yngyíng (Graduate School, Osaka Sangyo University)

‘A Study About the Financial Activity of ShanXi Piaohao during the Rise Peroid of Shanghai's Financial Market in Late Qing Dynasty : Focusing on the Economic Network of Rishengchang Piaohao’

Presentation 3: TSUJINAKA Hideyuki (Graduate School, Soka University)

‘A Study of Business and Human Rights in Brunei Darussalam: Challenges on Core Labour Standards’

Discussant: KURIHARA Hirohide (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), KAWASHIMA Shin (University of Tokyo), KAMBARA Kentaro (Kyoto University)

Individual Papers 3: Fostering Industrial Development

Chair: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University)

Presentation 1: NAKAMURA Haruhiko (Graduate School, University of Toyo)

‘What products contribute to the growth of supporting industries in developing countries: From the case of electronic products in Vietnam’

Presentation 2: FANG Zhuzi (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

‘The Deployment of Semiconductor Industrial Policy in China: A case study of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund’

Discussant: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University), KAWABATA Nozomu (Tohoku University)

13:00-15:30  Plenary Session and Individual Papers 4

13:00-15:30 Plenary Session: ‘100 Years of the Chinese Communist Party and International Relations in Asia

Chair: ANAMI Yusuke (Tohoku University)

Presentation 1: KOKUBUN Ryosei (Professor emeritus, Keio University. Former president, National Defense Academy)

‘The One Hundred Year Yoke of the Chinese Communist Party’

Presentation 2: TANAKA Akihiko (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

’Rise of China: Changes in the World System’

Presentation 3: SATO Yuri (Japan Foundation)

’What to do about China? Perspective from ASEAN, and Indonesia’

Discussant: TAKENAKA Chiharu (Rikkyo University), HIRAIWA Shunji (Nanzan University)

13:00-15:00 Individual Papers 4: Japan’s Immigration Policy

Chair: YAN Shanping (Doshisha University)

Presentation 1: SATO Yuriko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

’Evaluation of the Plan to Accept 300,000 International Students in Japan: Analysis from the Relation with the Growth Strategy, Globalization of Universities, and Japanese Language Education’

Presentation 2: NIIMI Tatsuya (Nagoya Gakuin University / The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kagoshima University)

’A cost analysis of foreign agriculture labor in Japan’

Discussant: SUGIMURA Miki (Sophia University), YAN Shanping (Doshisha University)

15:45 – 18:45 Kashiyama seminar 2021 ‘Crisis and Hope: Debating Democracy in Asia’

Chair: NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)
Presentation session 15:45-17:30
Opening Remarks. KAMEOKA Eriko (Chairperson, Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation) Introduction. Prof. NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University) Presentation 1. Prof. SETH, Sanjay (Goldsmith, University of London, UK)
'India: The World's Largest Democracy no More?'

Presentation 1: Prof. SETH, Sanjay (Goldsmith, University of London, UK)

‘India: The World's Largest Democracy no More?’

Presentation 2: Dr. SIDDIQA, Ayesha (King’s College London, UK)

‘Battling the Ballot: Military and Mullah Alliance versus Political Class in Pakistan’

Presentation 3: Prof. LIAN Joseph (Yamanashi Gakuin University)

‘Lessons from the Failed Democracy Movement in Hong Kong (1984-2021)’

Presentation 4: Prof. MIETZNER, Marcus (Australian National University, Australia)

‘Controlling the Narrative, Consolidating Power: COVID-19 and Indonesia's Deepening Democratic Crisis’

Discussion session 17:45-18:45

Discussant: Prof. AKO Tomoko (University of Tokyo), Prof. NAKAMIZO Kazuya (Kyoto University)