2022 JAAS Spring Convention Program


June 11, 2022, Saturday
10:00-12:00 Individual Papers
12:00-13:30 Lunch / Board and Board of Trustees Meeting
13:30-15:30 Individual Papers
15:40-18:10 Plenary Session
18:10- General Assembly, JAAS Excellent Paper Award Ceremony

Jun 12, 2022, Sunday
10:00-12:00 Individual Panel / Individual Papers

June 11 (Sat) 10:00-12:00
Individual Papers 1: Southeast Asian Economy

Chair:SHIMIZU Kazushi (Kyushu University)

Presentation 1: KONISHI Tetsu (Fukuoka Women’s University)

“Economic Reforms and State Owned Enterprises in Indonesia ― Critical Discussion on 'Restrained' State Capitalism―”

Presentation 2: YOSHINO Fumio (Takushoku University)

“ASEAN Fiscal Integration”

Discussant: HAYASHIDA Hideki (Doshisha University); ISHIKAWA Koichi (Asia University)

Individual Papers 2: Minority and Gender

Chair: TAMURA Keiko (Kitakyushu City University)

Presentation 1: YAMAMOTO Asuka (Kyushu University)

“Inter-Religious Wage Differentials in India, 1983-2019”

Presentation 2: MARUYAMA Misa (Graduate School, Takushoku University)

“Women's empowerment in the Mindanao”

Discussant: WADA Kazuya (Kanazawa University); KUSAKA Wataru (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Individual Papers 3: Chinese Politics

Chair: IWATANI Nobu (Hokkaido University)

Presentation 1: KIKUCHI Hideki (Graduate School, Tohoku University)

“The Relationship between the Chinese Nationalist Party's Wartime Mobilization and Local Societies during the Sino - Japanese War: Focusing on the Loyal Patriotic Army of the Yangtze Delta Area”

Presentation 2: TAKAHASHI Tomoko (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

“Pursuing Power and Trust: Cases from China Sponsoring United Nations Resolutions on Security”

Discussant: IWATANI Nobu (Hokkaido University); MASUO Chisako (Kyushu University)

12:00-13:30 Lunch / Board and Board of Trustees Meeting

Individual Papers 4: Politics and Society in Southeast Asia

Chair: OIKAWA Hiroshi (Kansai University)

Presentation 1: MASUHARA Ayako (Asia University) and MYA DWI Rostika (Daito Bunka University)

“The Indonesian Society in the Covid-19 Pandemic: the Results of Interview Survey in Java, Bali, West Sumatra, and East Nusa Tenggara”

Presentation 2: LIM Guanie (The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, GRIPS) and YAMAGUCHI Kensuke (University of Tokyo)

“Revisiting the Dutch Disease: Rent-Seeking, Politics, and Resource‑Based Development in Malaysia”

Discussant: MIZUNO Kosuke (Indonesia University); OIKAWA Hiroshi (Kansai University)

Individual Papers 5: Finance in Asia

Chair: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University)

Presentation 1: I Mue (Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University)

“Objectives and Targets of the Issuance of Digital Renminbi in China”

Presentation 2: AIBA Daiju (JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development)

“Acquisition of Microfinance Insitutions by Commercial Investors: Examining Impacts on Lending Behavior”

Discussant: MARUKAWA Tomoo (University of Tokyo); FUJIMORI Azusa (Osaka Seikei University)

Individual Papers 6: Diplomacy and Defense in Asia

Chair: TAMAKI Atsuhiko (Chuo University)

Presentation 1: MUKAIDA Koki (Graduate School, Kyoto University)

“Military Regime and Peace Diplomacy: An Examination of the Change of Diplomatic Line with India in Pakistan during the Musharraf Military Regime (1999-2008)”

Presentation 2: AITA Moriki (Graduate School, University of Tsukuba)

“China's Military Action on August 17, 2021 : Interpretation from Allison's analytical model”

Discussant: ITO Toru (National Defense University) ; ANAMI Yusuke (Tohoku University)

Plenary Session. Political Change in Myanmar and Its Implications to the East Asian Regional Order

Chair: OYANE Satoshi (Doshisha University)

Presentation 1: NAKANISHI Yoshihiro (Kyoto University)

“Myanmar’s Transformation into a Fragile State”

Presentation 2: HIRONO Miwa (Ritsumeikan University)

“China’s Engagement in Post-Coup Myanmar: Implications for China’s Non-Interference Principle”

Presentation 3: SUZUKI Sanae (University of Tokyo)

“ASEAN’s Engagement in Myanmar and Its Change”

Discussant: OYANE Satoshi (Doshisha University); IZUYAMA Mari (National Institute for Defense Studies)

18:10- General Assembly, JAAS Excellent Paper Award Ceremony

June 12 (Sun) 10:00-12:00
Individual Panel 1: The Xi Jinping Administration’s Policy toward Taiwan for the Past Ten Years

Chair: ETO Naoko (Gakushuin University)

Presentation 1: OGASAWARA Yoshiyuki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

“Xi Jinping’s Perception of Taiwan and his Push for Unification”

Presentation 2: KAWAKAMI Momoko (Institute of Developing Economies)

“China's Economic Statecraft toward Taiwan under the Xi Jinping Administration: Factors of the Failure”

Discussant: ETO Naoko (Gakushuin University); SUZUKI Takashi (Aichi Prefectural University)

Individual Papers 7: International Economy in Asia

Chair: MIENO Fumiharu (Kyoto University)

Presentation 1: MATSUSHITA Namiko (Nagoya Sangyo University)

“A Study of International Labor Mobility of Japanese Engineers Who moved to Korea and China”

Presentation 2: LIU Zewen (Graduate School, Kyushu University)

“The Cassava Production and Exportation in Cambodia driven by Chinese Transnational Corporations from 2010 to 2020”

Discussant: SATO Yuriko (Tokyo Institute of Technology); ZHANG Xinyuan (Yokohama National University)