Program for JAAS Autumn Convention 2022

Date: November 27 (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Kansai University

10:00 – 12:00 Individual Panel 1 and Individual Papers 1-3

Individual Panel 1: “The Political Economy of Soybean: Studies Focused on East Asia and Brazil”

Chair: ZHANG Xinyuan (Yokohama National University)

Presentation 1: ZHANG Xinyuan (Yokohama National University)

“China”s Soybean Market Structure in the Middle-Income Stage”

Presentation 2: HAYASHI Mizuho (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

“Brazil”s Soybean Industry and the Activities of Japanese Trade Houses”

Presentation 3: YAGI Kohei (Kobe University)

“The Development and Future Perspectives of Japan”s Soybean Complex”

Discussant: IKEGAMI Akihide (Meiji University)

FURUHASHI Gen (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

Individual Papers 1: “The Idea and Practice of Modern China”

Chair: TANIGAWA Shinichi (Kobe University)

Presentation 1: ETO Anna (Tokai University)

“Consideration of the Similarity of Political Thoughts between the Chinese Nationalist Party and the Chinese Youth Party: Focusing on “Quanmin” Politics and Social Democratism”

Presentation 2: GAO Xiaoyan (Graduate School,Tohoku University)

“The Role of Militia in CCP”s Grain Control: a Study based on Court Records”

Presentation 3: XU Yue (Graduate School,Keio University)

“Reality under the “disappearance” of unemployment after 1958 in China: The Case of Urban Population Reduction in Shanghai”

Discussant: MIZUHA Nobuo (Hiroshima University)

TANIGAWA Shinichi (Kobe University)
KONNO Jun (Gakushuin Women”s College)

Individual Papers 2: “International Relationship of Asia in the Era of Cold War”

Chair: ASANO Toyomi (Waseda University)

Presentation 1: TANI Kei (Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University)

“Why did the Japanese Government Limit the Jurisdiction of the Republic of Korea to Southern Korea?”

Presentation 2: ZHANG Demou (Graduate School, Kyushu University)

“China and the Japan Socialist Party during the Cold War (1959-1964): A Process for Forming the Compromise Agreement on Nuclear Policy”

Presentation 3: KURIHARA Hirohide (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

“Reflections on Joint Actions of PRC, USSR and DRV at the Geneve Conference(1954)”

Discussant: KIMIYA Tadashi (University of Tokyo)

KANDA Yutaka (Niigata University)
ASANO Toyomi (Waseda University)

Individual Papers 3: “Economy and Environment in Southeast Asia”

Chair: SATO Takahiro (Kobe University)

Presentation 1: IKEDA Shinya (Ibaraki University)

“Transformation of the Traditional Marketing in the Philippines: From Cases of Vegetable Intermediaries” Competitiveness in Three Provinces”

Presentation 2: SASAKI Shunsuke (Waseda University)

“Sustainable integrated waste management:A case of Bantar Gebang in Indonesia”

Discussant: NAKANISHI Toru (University of Tokyo)

SEKITO Tomoo (University of Miyazaki)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

国際シンポジウム・樫山セミナーちらし13:00-15:30 International Symposium KASHIYAMA Seminar

“The New Political and Economic Dynamisms in Asia -- Economic Integration and Political Tensions”

Welcome and opening (13:00-13:05)

Opening Remarks: KAMEOKA Eriko (Chairperson, Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation)

Presentation session (13:05-14:30)

Chair: GOTO Kenta (Kansai University)
Introduction to the session: GOTO Kenta (Kansai University) Concept note

Presentation 1: HSIEH Michelle Fei-yu (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

“Indispensable partners and the restructuring of global supply chains: Taiwan and East Asia in a period of transition.' Abstract Bio

Presentation 2: YEUNG Henry Wai-chung (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

“Global Dynamics and New Political-Economic Tensions in Asia - The Trouble with Global Production Networks.”Abstract Bio

Presentation 3: DE Prabir (Research and Information System for Developing Countries, India)

“New Asian regional order: Perspectives from South Asia.” Abstract Bio

Break (14:30-14:35)

Discussion and Q & A sessions: 14:35-15:30

Discussant: NATSUDA Kaoru (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)

SATO Takahiro (Kobe University)

Discussion and Wrapping up

15:45 – 17:45 Individual Panel 2-3 and Individual Papers 4

Individual Panel 2: “China After 10 Years Under Xi Jinping”

Chair: KAMO Tomoki (Keio University)

Presentation 1: LIM Jaehwan (Aoyama Gakuin University)

“Discovering China”s Policy Trajectories in the Xi Jinping Era: A Text-as-Data Approach to Presidential Speeches, 2012-2021”

Presentation 2: NAITO Hiroko (JETRO-Institute of Developing Economies)

“Judicial Reform under Xi Jinping”s Administration: Introduction of Judicial Accountability System and its Reality”

Presentation 3: YU Haichun (Waseda University)

“News Frames on Corruption Issues and Political Shifts Under Xi Jinping: A Machine-learning Approach”

Discussant: SUZUKI Takashi (Aichi Prefectural University)

ZHE Ren (JETRO-Institute of Developing Economies)

Individual Panel 3: “Analytical Perspective for Rent Management”

Chair: MIENO Fumiharu (Kyoto University)

Presentation 1: NGO Christine (Bucknell University)

“Developmental Rent Management Analysis (Drma): Learning Rent in Vietnam”

Presentation 2: YAMAGUCHI Kensuke (University of Tokyo)

“From Resource Rent to Monopoly Rent: Petrochemical Industry in Thailand”

Presentation 3: LIM Guanie (GRIPS)

“Resource Rent under BRI: Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia”

Discussant: MIENO Fumiharu (Kyoto University)

NGO Christine (Bucknell University)
MORI Akihisa (Kyoto University)

Individual Papers 4: “Economic Policy of China and United States of America”

Chair: SHIMIZU Kazufumi (Kyusyu University)

Presentation 1: ZHENG Huangyan (University of Tokyo)

“The Political Economy of Chinese Urban-Rural Relations in the Process of Agricultural Land Expropriation: A New Tendency after 2004”

Presentation 2: HAN Ahram (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

“A Return from Multilateralism to Bilateralism: “Changes” in the U.S. Trade Policy Decision-Making Process”

Discussant: TAKIDA Go (Kyoto Sangyo University)

OBA Mie (Kanagawa University)