2023 JAAS Spring Convention Program


June 10, 2023, Saturday
10:00-12:00 Individual Papers
12:00-13:20 Lunch / Board and Board of Trustees Meeting
13:30-15:30 Individual Panel / Individual Papers
15:45-18:15 International Symposium KASHIYAMA Seminar
18:30- General Assembly, JAAS Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony, Affiliate Reception

Jun 11, 2023, Sunday
10:00-12:00 Individual Panel / Individual Papers
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-16:00 Plenary Session

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Individual Papers 1. Chinese Economy

Chair: FUJII Daisuke (Osaka University of Economics)

Presentation 1: RUAN Yuling (Fudan University)

“The Spatial Spillover Effect of Open Innovation on Companies' Technological Diversification: Evidence from Shenzhen, China”

Presentation 2: MIYAJIMA Yoshiaki (Hokkai-Gakuen University):

“A new phase of China's trade with ASEAN: Focusing on the Impact of US-China Trade Friction”

Presentation 3: TANIMURA Shin (Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)):

“Recent developments of balance of payments in China from a viewpoint of the “BOP development stage” hypothesis”

Discussant: HOSHINO Makoto (Komazawa University); KIMURA Koichiro (IDE-JETRO)

Individual Papers 2. Chinese Politics

Chair: TANG Liang (Waseda University)

Presentation 1: WANG Bing (Hokkaido University)

“The Chinese Communist Party's Governance Innovation in the Digital Era and ‘the Government Social Media’ ”

Presentation 2: WU Maosong(Keio University)

“Intellectuals and Their Challenges in 20th Century China”

Presentation 3: YUAN Chenxu (Graduate School, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

“Nationallism in Chinese Fandom Culture: Battles on Social Media”

Discussant: ETO Nahoko (Gakushuin University); SUWA Kazuyuki (University of Shizuoka); TANG Liang (Waseda University)

Individual Papers 3. Politics and Society on Religious Identity

Chair: TAKENAKA Chiharu (Rikkyo University)

Presentation 1: YUI Miharu (Kansei Gakuin University)

“The Transformation of Hindutva Politics under the Modi Government in India”

Presentation 2: ULFAH, Elisa (Graduate School, Takushoku University)

“Identity Negotiation and Religious Practices in Japanese-Indonesian Intermarriage”

Discussant: MINATO Kazuki (IDE-JETRO); TAMURA Keiko (The University of Kitakyushu)

12:00-13:20 Lunch / Board and Board of Trustees Meeting

Organized Panel 1. The Development and Reform of China’s Financial System: Trajectory and Challenges

Chair: OHARA Atsuji (University of Nagasaki)

Presentation 1: MEN Chuang (Osaka Sangyo University)

“The Rise and Decline of Small Financial Institutes in China: Mass Line in Finance”

Presentation 2: WANG Dongming (Osaka Metropolitan University)

“The Establishment and Development of the Chinese Stock Market in a Transition Economy”

Presentation 3: OKAZAKI Kumiko (The Canon Institute for Global Studies)

“The Transformation of China’s Commercial Banks”

Discussant: ITO Hiroshi (Toyo Bunko); JINGU Takeshi (Nomura Research Institute)

Individual Papers 4. Development and Welfare

Chair: MASUHARA Ayako (Asia University)

Presentation 1: YONEKURA Hitoshi (Tohoku University)

“Development Problems Faced by a Traditional Matrilineal Society: A Case Study of the Kotapanjang Project in Sumatra”

Presentation 2: SHI Xiaoyu (Yokohama National University)

“Why do development plans exist in the process of a country's development?〜Examining postwar Japan and Taiwan as examples〜”

Presentation 3: CHENG Hongbo (Graduate School, Ritsumeikan University)

“Research on the Models of Long-Term Care Insurance Benefit Coverage: A case study of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu”

Discussant: NISHIKAWA Kei (Ishinomaki Senshu University); OKABE Yasunobu (Tohoku University) ; SAWADA Yukari (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Individual Papers 5. Chinese Diplomacy

Chair: OSAWA Takeshi (Fukuoka University)

Presentation 1: XU Weixin (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

“Self-Promotion in the Early Years of the People's Republic of China: Propaganda Efforts Surrounding the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference in Beijing, 1952”

Presentation 2: JING Min (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

“Rethinking the Local International Communication Activities in the Early Era of the PRC: A Case Study of Visiting Groups, Foreign Trainees, and International Students”

Presentation 3: YOKOYAMA Yuta (Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

“The Political Process of the Sino-Japanese Private Fisheries Agreement in the Mid -1950s: Focusing on Domestic Politics in Japan”

Discussant: OSAWA Takeshi (Fukuoka University); SUGIURA Yasuyuki (The National Institute for Defense Studies); MATSUMOTO Haruka (IDE-JETRO)

International Symposium KASHIYAMA Seminar

International Symposium KASHIYAMA Seminar "The New Political and Economic Dynamisms in Asia: Paradigm Shifts in Academic Approaches" (All titles are tentative)

Opening Remarks: KAMEOKA Eriko (Chairperson, Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation)
Introduction and Chair: SATO Hajime (Nanzan University) and GOTO Kenta (Kansai University)

Presentation 1: Shiro Armstrong (Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University)

“Getting the economics right in Asia's economic security”

Presentation 2: Dae-Oup Chang (Global Korean Studies, Sogang University)

“Asian Labour in the Age of Decaying Neoliberalism - Implications for Asia's Political Economy of Development”

Presentation 3: Pavida Pananond (Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University)

“In Search of a New Equilibrium? - Asia and Global Value Chains”

Discussant 1: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University)
Discussant 2: YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)

18:10- General Assembly, JAAS Outstanding Paper Award ceremony and Reception

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Organized Panel 2. Women's life in Rural China under the Commune System

Chair: HORIGUCHI Tadashi (Osaka Metropolitan University)

Presentation 1: LI Jing (East China Normal University)

“Fiscal Structure and its Business management Model in the Commune System”

Presentation 2: LI Yaqiao (JSPS International Research)

“Rural Women, Common Ownership of Land and People’s Communes”

Presentation 3:YAO Yi (Osaka Metropolitan University)

“Conception and Practice of Rural Medical Model in Socialist China ―The Case of Barefoot Doctor―”

Discussant: MINAMI Yuko (Hitotsubashi University); OHASHI Fumie (Ochanomizu University)

Individual Papers 6. Economy and Security

Chair:ASANO Ryo (Doshisha University)

Presentation 1: PARK Keunho (Shizuoka University)

“The Impact of the U.S. National Security Strategy on Korea's Export-Oriented Industrialization through the case analysis of “US-ROK Joint Export Promotion Committee”

Presentation 2: OKAMOTO Itaru (Bunkyo Gakuin University)

“Japan's Economic Statecraft for Taiwan emergency: goals, tools, and priority”

Presentation 3: XIE Zhihai (Kyoai Gakuen University)

“China's Energy Diplomacy”

Discussant: MIYAMOTO Satoru (Seigakuin University); ASANO Ryo (Doshisha University); SUZUKI Kazuto (University of Tokyo)

Individual Papers 7. Developmental Aid and Diplomacy

Chair: OKUDA Hidenobu (Teikyo University)

Presentation 1: TANIGUCHI Miyoko (Miyazaki Municipal University)

“The Evolution of Japan's "Peace Diplomacy" in the Post-Cold War Era: The Case Study of ODA in the Philippines”

Presentation 2: JUNG Hyomin (Kyoto University)

“Formation of South Korea’s Multiple Features as a Donor Country ―From emerging state to developed country―”

Presentation 3: DAIMON Takeshi (Waseda University)

“Sino-Japanese Foreign Aid Competition and Possibilities for Cooperation: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Assistance to Asia and African”

Discussant: SHIMOMURA Yasutami (Hosei University); KONDOH Hisahiro (Saitama University)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Plenary Session: Reflecting Intellectual Heritage of Asian Studies in Japan

Chair: MARUKAWA Tomoo (University of Tokyo), SONODA Shigeto (University of Tokyo)

Presentation 1: TAKAHASHI Nobuo (Keio University)

“ 'Ambiguous Sphere' in China's State-Society Relations: A Historical Retrospect and the Applicability to Contemporary China”

Presentation 2: KAWAKAMI Momoko (IDE-JETRO)

“Studying ‘Industries’: A Critical Analysis of Studies on Asian Economies in Japan”

Presentation 3: GOTO Kenta (Kansai University)

“Post-war Asian Economic Development in the Context of Globalization and the Evolving Research Trends on the Southeast Asian Economy in Japan”

Presentation 4: ESHO Hideki (Hosei University)

“Looking Back the History of Contemporary Indian Economic Studies in Post War Japan”

Discussant: MUTO Shutaro (University of Niigata), MARUKAWA Tomoo (University of Tokyo), SONODA Shigeto (University of Tokyo)